Business activities

Today the group of companies offers products and services in five business areas:

Production of precious metals 
Sales of precious metals and technical products
Treatment of spent catalysts and secondary precious metals 
Production and  sales of dental materials 
Retail sales of jewellery articles



«Urals Mining Company» Ltd. has duly established itself among other precious metals market participants due to its effective and lucrative business which meets international standards.
At present Ural Mining Company brings together 2 unique gold mining companies: «YUZNO- ZAUZERSKI PRIISK»,(UZP) and Secondary Precious Metals, Ltd. (SPM). Both enterprises rank 3'd in terms of mining volume in the Sverdlovsk region. They are engaged in mining precious metals at the Ural alluvial deposits. Both enterprises provide all aspects of field and mining operations on the territory of  the Sverdlovsk region including small fraction fines mining (minus 0.15 mm) for precious metals production from the own mine dumps by means of dressing on the new technological line.
The «Urals Mining Company»'s strategic plans include creation of the own gold, platinum and silver resources base, cutting expenses, improving production indicators, implementing new technologies  and acquisition of license for mining the bedrock gold  deposits. At the same time the company is looking forward to developing international and national business relations while attracting investments into the exploration and mining industry.
«Urals Mining Company» is also stimulating gold-mining industry development by means of attracting new strategic partners possessing expertise in the geological exploration and mining and thereby contributing to the Ural region economic growth on the whole.



Main activities:

• Sales of refined precious metals within Russia

The Group of companies has vast experience and all the required approvals to provide certified refined metals wholesale services within Russia. The Group of companies can offer its customers point-to­ point deliveries from the warehouses in Moscow and Ekaterinburg, as well as directly to the warehouse of the final consignee.

• Sales of Precious metals products on the Russian and foreign markets

We offer our customers a wide range of precious metals products from our factory or produced by other manufacturers including:
• Glass manufacturing equipment made of platinum and its alloys (crucibles, etc.).
• Semi-finished products: metal strips and wire.
• Completed wire from Platinum and Platinum-rhodium alloys, as well as sensors for thermal converters.
• A wide range of pure iridium products (crucibles, heat shields, monocrystals growing equipment, wire – up to 0,1 mm in diameter, discs and other products made by the metal treatment technology).
• Platinum and palladium based solders and brazes for soldering high-standard jewellry and technical products.
• Chemical compounds.
• Unique composite platinum ceramic products for glass melting and monocrystals growing with the savings on platinum content of 3 to 5 times when compared to analogue products made of Platinum
• Refractory products with a pure corundum base manufactured by plasma sputtering technology, in the form of combining bodies of rotation (cylinder, cone, half-sphere). This technology allows producing crucibles, tubes, shields etc. of different dimension

• Providing services for manufacturing technical products from Customer's precious metals

The Group of companies takes various types of Customers' raw materials both in the form of refined metals and precious metals containing scrap for processing to manufacture finished products.

Our company JSC «Ural Innovative Technologies» provides the whole PM treatment technological cycle from refining to complex technological products manufacturing. The company has all the necessary certificates and by the Russian Federation Government Decree №827 of 17.10.2009 is included in the shortlist of companies authorized for precious metals refining.

• Export/import services for the precious metals products

Having accumulated extensive experience in dealing with foreign partners we provide necessary assistance with export/import operations in compliance with Russian legislation and the import/export regulations of other countries.

Our Customers:
Our Russian customer base includes the Russian industrial enterprises using precious metals products in their activities as well as nitric and petrochemical enterprises. Among our foreign customers there are PGM consumers from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Great Britain.



The Group of Companies Precious Metals of Urals is rendering services for the processing and buying precious metals containing scrap. Additionally, we are currently developing a new market segment: spent catalysts buying and processing for the oil refining and petrochemical enterprises.

Company`s main activities:

• Spent catalysts treatment (toll-manufacturing contracts) aimed at precious metals and rhenium extraction.
• Buying spent petrochemical catalysts on the account of cost for the new catalysts.
• Buying precious metals containing scrap and wastes.
• Full logistic support including metals export, catalysts import, insurance, transportation and Customs clearance.
• Providing customers with flexible financing options.



Main field of activities:

• Production and sales of precious metals-based alloys for orthopedic dentistry (silver, gold, platinum) and precision alloys of non-ferrous metals.

The Vital-E company is the Russian leader in the production of precious metals-based alloys for orthopedic dentistry.

We offer two gold-based alloys «VitIriy» and «Vitlriy plus» and one palladium based «Vitlriy-P» as well as other precious metals-based alloys produced at the Russian enterprises. Since 2009, we have started production of two non-precious metals-based alloys: Vitlriy-C clasp dental alloy (KHS) and Vitlriy-N, an alloy used for metalceramics (NHS).

All alloys are certified by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

The company has recently expanded its range of dental products with brand­new products from world known manufacturers.

We are doing our best to maintain beneficial prices in this market segment and we sell only products of the highest quality.



Main fields of activities:

• Jewellery retailing

Our customers are large wholesale companies as well as retail outlets. Working closely with suppliers and producers enables us to reduce costs and offer our Customers jewellery articles at reduced prices. Owing our warehouse in Ekaterinburg makes it possible for our customers to personally select the necessary assortment of articles for resale in their retail shops. The Barcode system used by the company allows prompt processing of both order handling and sales.

We are responsible to our customers for the quality of the products. The company renews its warehouse  stocks weekly and maintains its permanent assortment of not less than 50 thousand articles.